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2017-2018 Staff

Presley Sloan


My ten favorite things are cheer, dogs, Patagonia clothing, pizza, strawberries, tumbling, friends, family, and the beach!

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Lauren Campos


My ten favorite things Movie: Finding Nemo Color: Blue Book: The Four Agreements Subject: English Sport: Soccer Food: Seafood Cereal: Frosted Flakes Superhero: Superman Show: One Tree Hill Holiday:...

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Monserraht Vazquez,


Hi, my name is Monserraht. I am a Junior. I work and during my free time I like to take the advantage to hangout with my family or friends or just go out shopping with my mom.

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Amil Harris


Favorite Color ~ Teal Favorite Holiday ~ Christmas Favorite Season ~ Winter Favorite Animal ~ Lion Favorite Sports Team ~ Alabama (College Football) Dream Job ~ Lawyer What Keeps Me Happy ~ My dog name Prince Favorite...

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Kourtney Dittfurth


I love to spend time with loved ones and drinking coffee! Those who know me, know I can't go one day without coffee. I love to read & write! In my free time I like to do yoga or go out with friends. My favorite subjects are...

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Schuyler Stuntz


TEN of my Favorite Things Archery Shooting Volleyball Sleeping Running The Avengers Fishing Coffee Teal Futurama I'm 16 years old and love pretty much anything outdoors, I'm part of JOAD, (Juni...

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Victoria Puentes


Food: Tacos, Menudo, Pizza, Cereal, and I also like to drink milk A LOT! Vacation: Mexico (2003) Born: Dallas, TX Pets: 2 puppies Banxs & Max TV show: El chavo del ocho, The office, RBD Hobbies: Listen to music,...

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Celest Villatoro


1 - Dogs are my favorite thing in the world 2 - I love to watch movies especially horror movies 3 - My favorite fruit is pineapple 4 - I have a white Pomeranian named Casper 5 - I like to read books when I can

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Victoria Goodwin


Favorite Color: Red Favorite Class: Avid Favorite Show: The Office Favorite Band: Twenty One Pilots Favorite Animal: Turtles Favorite Hobby: Reading Favorite Book: Harry Potter

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Jesse Workman


Im a junior at The Colony High School. I work at Davids Automotive Repair. On my free time I hangout with friends, girl friend, and family.  My birthday is August 27th, 1999.

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Brianna Bautista


Color~ Blue Restaurant~ Chills Food~ Chicken Quesadillas TV show~ Sponge Bob Sport~ Wrestling Fruit~ Banana Rapper~ Russ Vitale Zoo Animal~ Panda Super hero~ Flash School Subject~ Math

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Elizabeth Reeves


I'm a junior at The Colony High school. I plan on going to college to become a pediatric nurse, while hopefully being on the college dance team. I've danced for about 10 years, in all types of different styles. I love hanging...

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Jadelin Lyles


My name is Jadelin. I am a senior and I like to take pictures. In my free time, I like to read or listen to music. I also like to spend time with my family.

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Alex Copeland


My name is Alex Copeland I am a senior here at TCHS. a few things about my self are that i like to fish, watch movies, and travel. 

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Krystal Knight


Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Animal: Cats Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Type Of Music: Emo Favorite Band: Get Scared Favorite Fast Food: Canes or Chick-fil-a Favorite Subject: English

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Sophia Robinette


My name is Sophia Robinette, currently in TC publications and this is my final year in high school. A senior I am and what I can describe about myself is that I am 18 years old, and currently preparing for college. My hobbies...

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Zach Wright


My favorite things Color: Blue TV show: Lost Movie: Split Sport: Football Animal: Dog School Subject: Math Month: December Day of the Week: Friday Band: AC-DC

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Jillian Jones


My name is Jillian Jones and I'm a senior. My favorite color is purple, and I love dogs.

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Makena Hale


Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza Favorite Snack: Cheez-its Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Fast Food Place: Sonic Favorite Drink: Lemonade Favorite Restaurant: Cheddar's Favorite Breed of...

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Alyssa Araujo


Favorites Food: Turkey Sandwiches Ice Cream: Chocolate Candy: Reese's Restaurant: tropical smoothie cafe Animal: #iluvdogs  

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adan piedra


Currently i am a junior at The Colony High School. I have a huge passion for football, i am apart of the varsity football team. Favorites: Sport: Football Food: Steak Vacation Site: My Room Restaurant: Italian place

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Jason Gonzales


I'm a sophomore at The Colony High School. My favorite vacation was going to Albania. My favorite thing to receive is money. My favorite thing to buy is shoes, especially if they are Yeezys. My favorite music genre...

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Elaina De Santiago


Hi! My name is Elaina De Santiago! I'm a freshman and this my first year of journalism. I'm also involved in Choir. My favorite things to do are reading, writing, singing, and cooking. When I get older I want to be an author....

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Michael Hernandez


Currently in my Junior year of High School. Have a huge interest in Audio/Video Production, news broadcasting. Favorites: Food: Steak Vacation: Destin FL Music artist: The Chainsmokers Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse      

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Nuberia Barthell


Currently I am a junior within The Colony High School. Passionate subjects for me include music, basketball, and my faith/knowledge in God. I represent God by being an Isrealite. I am interested in mainly expanding my knowledge...

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Kelsey Franco


Favorites: Colour: Pink Movie: The lord of the rings Quote: "It's a dangerous business going out of your door step and onto the road and if you don't keep your feet there's no telling where you might be swept off to"...

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Emily Barton


Favorites color: blue fast food: Sonic or Raising Canes show: The Bold Type song: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers sports team: Dallas Cowboys pass times: napping, hiking, and hanging out with friends ...

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Kacie Black


My favorites are: My favorite movie is Where The Heart Is. My favorite color is pink. My favorite place to eat is Freebirds. My favorite place to shop is Charlotte Russe. My favorite subject is English. ...

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Ulysses Alonso


Favorite things color: blue restaurant: Canes activates: sleep, eat and game TV show: Family Guy Music: Rap Favorite team : Patriots      

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