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Ariana August – Hobbies & Talents

Hobbies & Talents


 Who got you started or inspired you?

I really didn't have a person that inspired me to play soccer, my parents signed me up for it when I was old enough and it's stuck with me since


What is your hobby or talent? What makes the hobby/talent worth the investment? What equipment do you

need for your hobby/talent?

My hobby is to play soccer. Playing makes it worth the investment because if I really try hard enough I could go pro. All I need is soccer shoes and shin guards to play.


Where do you practice? Where do you compete or perform or show off?

 For high school I practice on the football field and for out of school i practice at adventure landing's soccer fields behind their facility. our high school games are at other high schools or on the football field, and for out of school I usually play at UTD college and i go out of state for some tournaments.


Why do you find satisfaction in your hobby or talent? Tell me how this reflects who you are.

 It's just always been a passion for me. I'm not exactly sure why I like it so much, it could be because I have been playing for as long as I can remember. Many people know me as the girl that plays soccer if it wasn't for playing soccer I feel that I wouldn't be who I am because it's a big part of my life.


How did you get started? How much time do you spend pursuing this passion? How long have you done this?

I started when my parents signed me up for rec in The Colony. Now during the high school season I practice daily, but during out of school season I practice 2  times a week and a game on the weekends.


How much did you initially invest in your hobby and how much do you spend monthly to keep it


I'm actually on a scholarship with my out of school soccer team and so i have to pay half of what the other girls have to pay minus the out of state trips. Monthly my dad pays around $150 a month and it is about $1800 a year for a year.

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