Starting Off Strong

"Winning State last year felt really empowering and motivational."

Josalyn Gonzales, Reporter

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Jacee Hamlin, varsity softball player, amazing volleyball player and an amazing person and friend. She will be ending here sophomore year heading into her junior year of high school and  has been playing softball ever since she was 3 years old and she has fallen in love with the game. 

“When I was 3 years old I started playing softball,” said Jacee. “ My sister inspired me to play due to her being a college athlete. Softball reflects so much about me, because it’s very important, and it’s like me and my family’s life style. It will be the deciding factor on where I go to school.”

With Jacee being an amazing softball player, she will definitely have a lot of scholarships coming her way. Even though she is a sophomore about to be a junior she still has many offers.

“When I graduate I plan to go to Texas Tech,” said Jacee. “Because they have an amazing softball team and they have given me scholarship money”

Being on a team would also mean having trust and knowing who you can count on, but Jacee trusts and counts on everyone on her team.

“I can trust everyone on my team,” said Jacee. “I love all the girls on my team like sisters. I have never had any serious difficulties with any of my teammates. It usually comes from people outside of our team.”

Playing sports can be very stressful since you have to handle playing sports and handle school at the same time. But being on a team can also help you become a better person too.

“The team makes me a better person,” said Jacee. “Because everyone on the team are really good people so they all bring out really good aspects of your life. Joining the TCHS softball team was really exciting because my first year we won state and the girls were super sweet and nice to me.”

Even though winning state was a year ago, it will still being a lot of excitement to you when you think about it.

“Winning state for the school was really empowering and motivational to be the first softball in The Colony history,” said Jacee. “My friends and I always joke around about winning, but we never seriously thought we’d make it that far.”

We all call home different places, every place that is called home is special to them and that’s because they share it with special people.

“Being on the field feels like home,” said Jacee.

Playing a sport takes so much time, which also means you are going to have to miss out on so much outside of school activities.

“I don’t have to worry that much on missing out on school activities,” said Jacee. “Most of my friends are in softball, so I do miss out on something, but usually all my friends are with me.”

Being a softball player can make it difficult in school. Keeping up grades and not sleeping during class either.  It is even more difficult for Jacee since she plays three sports, but somehow she keeps on going.

“It’s really nice,” said Jacee. “Because you’re known around the school for being an athlete, so you get to know a more variety of people. Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep my grades up and balance sports, because I like to excel in both, but I’ve been doing it for so long – now it’s natural. I do try to get straight A’s though, because I think education is more important than the sports I play.”

Playing sports isn’t everything about you; it’s just a hobby that you have.

“My favorite thing to do outside of school and softball would be hanging out with my friends or family,” said Jacee. My friends think much of my athletic success, but at the same time they are in the same boat as me.I don’t have any jobs, but I will be starting a job during the summer.”

Going into another season and starting all over again can be very stressful and complicated especially if you make it to playoffs again. Here’s what Jacee does to keep her stress down and always keep a smile on her face.

“Going to playoffs for the second time was very exciting for me it felt natural, even though we lost in the second round,” said Jacee. “The most exciting moment that I can remember would be winning State, also something that makes me smile everyday would be my friends and my family.”

Being an athlete you must practice hard and show how much you are committed especially before, during, and after a game for Jacee, well she has her own idea and plan.

“Before a game I get prepared, warm up and do pregame rituals,” said Jacee. “During the game I produce runs and stop other teams from winning, and after a game sometimes I do interviews, ice and clean up the field.”

Starting off strong will come with hard work and some pain along the way too. Eating healthy and having a good practice schedule and everything Jacee does helps her get stronger and stronger, so that someday she can achieve her dreams and be a strong girl with a good education.

“The time I spend practicing varies, but usually everyday after school,” said Jacee. “My worse injury would be fracturing my ankle; I should give up a lot of unhealthy food, but I really can’t change much.”

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